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Q: Can I join you or help you on one of your commercial shoots?

A: No. I generally do take help on contract shoots but they are professionals that I’ve worked together with for decades. Some are business partners.

Q: What percentage of your general overall work do you post on Instagram

A: About 5-10% - mostly TFP and experimental.

Q: I need experience, can I join you or help you on one of your boudoir shoots?

A: Sorry, no. Unfortunately I don't have the time to co-ordinate this and/or mentor photographers on the dynamics of a boudoir shoots.  Models don't like a second shooter who is practicing, it creates a distraction. Private customers won't allow this at all. Best to book your own time with a paid model and location and you're good to go.

Q: What genres of photography or video do you shoot?

A: Generally anything, but details are assessed like any project scenario.

Q: Do you collaboratively shoot with other photographers to share location and model costs for boudoir shoots?

A: No.


Q: Do you shoot at meetups ? (Multiple models with multiple photographers)

A: Generally no. Occasional exceptions do happen. This is assessed based on the host's plan or lack thereof.


Q: Do you attend workshops (Single model with a few photographers)

A: Once in a while.


Q: Are you interested in publishing to an online magazine (under Kavyar etc.)

A: No.


Q: I’m a photographer, can you refer me to a model you shot?

A: No. Not unless I know you very well (years of consistent interaction). 

Q: How do you find models?

A: Personal References, Friends, Instagram, Model Mayhem, Modelling Agencies.  Google is your friend.

Q: How do I ask a model if she does nude or boudoir modelling?

A: You ask her.

Q: I don't have the confidence to shoot a model by myself, especially boudoir or nude, how do you suggest I build that up?

A: I cannot provide mentoring on this matter

Q: How did you get started in boudoir?

A: Commercial models and female friends asked for boudoir pictures. I shot them, they liked them, they referred others. Slowly it builds. I now shoot an average 50-60 private customers a year now. I do 30-40 TFP and 15-20 paid model shoots a year. This is what you see on IG. 

Q: I want to do more boudoir photography - if you have extra boudoir work can you send it to me?

A: No. These bookings occur based on word of mouth references. It's based on trust relationships. It's not an impulse decision.  There is no rush to shoot with boudoir work.  I have a queue and eventually get to all of them

Q: Why do you shoot models for boudoir if you do so many private boudoir shoots?

A: Because private shoot customers don't want their personal nude or in lingerie photos on the internet. 

Q: How do you get private boudoir shoot customers?

A: Word of mouth references where one girl/woman tells the next. That is followed by personal interaction with women I meet in various scenarios in daily life.  I rarely get a private boudoir customer directly off of social media or my website.

Q: Do you only do boudoir?

A: No.  I do commercial photography and video production contracts for all types of needs (fashion, product etc.).  I also have a full time job.  Boudoir is a small part of my overall work.  I centre my social media around boudoir because that is a popular genre, for me at least. I don't really advertise for the other genres. I cannot show my commercial work for the most part as it is all signed off and copyright is assumed by the hiring company.

Q: Do you do TFP?

A: Yes.  I do a lot of TFP.   I love ongoing working relationships with models, whether new or experienced.  It is a case by case selection of work and not a blanket yes to all TFP requests of course.

Q: How much do you make a year in photography?

A: Classified.

Q: I'm new to photography, can I do this full time in a few years and quit my job?

A: I can't answer that, too many variables at play.  Best to speak to a career councillor or business consultant who will assess your plan and can provide evidence based recommendations. 

Q: Do you do this full time?

A: No I have a full time day job. I do this work part time on evenings and weekends.  Occasionally I take days off work to do shoots.

Q: What kind of camera's do you use?

A:  I am primarily on a Sony Eco-System using A7/A7R series cameras.  I use a mix of native and non-native lenses.  I do shoot with cameras from other vendors regularly for various client needs. I've shot for decades on Canon gear and occasionally need to use medium format.

Q: What brand of lighting to do you use for photography?

A: Profoto

Q: What brand of constant lighting do you use for video?

A: LED lighting.  Various brands.

Q: What kind of lighting modifiers do you use?

A: All of them.

Q: Do you do family or couple's pictures?

A: No

Q: Do you shoot weddings?

A: Generally no. Occasionally I do as a second shooter for very specific photographers.  I've shot over 1500 weddings in my lifetime and no longer have interest in managing weddings shoots. 

Q: I'm a photographer and need advice on how to start a photography business and the gear I need to purchase. Can I pick your brain, call you, can we grab a coffee?

A:  Sorry. Unfortunately I don't have time to mentor.  Social media is full of amazing advice on these matters. 

Q: Are all images on your social media and website yours?

A: Yes 100%

Q: Do you shoot video?

A: Yes see my video page of bio links in IG for a few samples. I do video work for ads, music videos, and TV series work regularly.

Q: What camera's do you use for video?

A: I personally own Sony and Blackmagic gear for small to medium productions. For larger production, there are larger crews, and they typically request we shoot on Red or Arri gear for various reasons. Those are rented.

Q: Can I repost your images on IG to my IG page?

A: Yes with credit, otherwise you are violating copyright law and you will be prosecuted :)

Q: Can you shoot my session on film?

A: I shot on film for decades, for my work there is no benefit to shoot on film. I have many 35mm and 120mm film cameras but I generally won't do it no. 


Privacy & Information Security

Based on real questions I get asked regularly

Details I DO NOT provide or comment on generally include but not limited to:

  1. The name or handle of an untagged model or subject in IG or on my website.  If someone is untagged, please respect their privacy.

  2. Personal details of the model considered personally identifiable information (PII). This includes but not limited to real name, DOB, address, email, phone, ethnic / religious background, job, martial status, children, sexual orientation etc.).

  3. Details about the schedules of travelling models. If they want you to know they are in town they will make it known to you or publicly on social media.

  4. Details about the performance of a model.  Not all photographers and models work well together so it's not really worth discussing this.

  5. Payment details about the shoots (paid, TFP, other arrangements).

  6. My address & phone number.

  7. Details related to my day job / employer.

  8. My personal relationship with a model (e.g. how did you meet her, do you hang out, are you close friends, dating etc.).

  9. Nude/Erotic photos of models who’s implied photos I’ve shared on IG or other media.

  10. Ways to break into commercial work.  Mostly because I don’t have time to mentor and partially because it's classified. This includes what specific companies I do work for or what/who I’m shooting specially. I’m under NDA in most cases. 

  11. Shooting & production techniques & tools.  Mostly because I don’t have time for this.  This includes equipment used, lighting setup, tools etc. Every known technique and tool is available on the internet. It's best to do research befitting the scenario you are concerned with.  I use and experiment with every type of tool and software out there and use them all for different scenarios. It's a toolbox.

  12. Post production and retouching techniques & tools.  This time consuming to explain and there are hundreds of tutorials on the internet to achieve the same results.  I generally don't do a lot of post processing. Most of my work is very close to SOOC.

  13. RAW files. Please don’t ask for RAW files from shoots I’ve done to experiment with.

  14. Borrowing Equipment. I don’t lend out my equipment. Not even in an emergency no. Please use a rental house and always have backup gear.





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