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In a collaboration (collab) a team generally consisting of a photographer (or photographers) and a model (or models) collaborates on a photography project. The term Time For Print (TFP) is also occasionally used.  Hair stylists, makeup artists, stylists, set designers, and related assistants can also take part in TFP photoshoots.  The model is not necessary a model in the traditional sense, they could be a performer, a skilled person, or an aspiring creative with no particular role or title.  Everyone works for free, but they all receive the TFP shots (based on predetermined limits) to use in their portfolios.  


Organizing a TFP shoot is a great way to keep your creative juices flowing and to break up creative blocks. TFP work allows you to step away from your usual paid gigs and really create something new.  This is your lab environment, your research and development space, your training ground. All creatives have freedom (within the theme of the shoot) to try new techniques and skills in a no pressure environment. For me personally I don't feel there should be any pressure to succeed, only to try something new.  Quite surprisingly I find some of my best work has come out of ad-hoc fun experiments.



Don't be. The intent is to experiment, make mistakes, find things that don't work and that which do.  If we don't get it right the first time, we'll do it again. While some participants may be more experienced, the idea of the collaboration is to also give new talent the ability to interact with experienced folks in a safe space free of judgement and criticism. Don't worry, over time you will create collaboration circles that are more conducive to your vision, experience level, and expectations, but keep an open mind. 

The Vision

A vision is essential to direct the creative process. This could be inspired by existing creative work that you've seen including an inspirational photo or video, or a completely non-existent concept (fantasy or fiction). This vision drives the photographic style & lighting, makeup, clothing, location, time of day, time required to shoot, props required, talent and skills needed etc.  The vision anchors everyone and then lets them free to create around that vision. it allows participants to determine if they are well suited to the endeavour as well.  


Great, how do we start?

Please fill the collaboration request above for some ideas. Let's create !

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